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Pet plan

Pet plan list

  • 【1 Night/ 2 Meals Included:Doggy plan]Your dog is fine in a large room!

    With doggy (up to 5 kg for small dogs / 2 per room)
    You can stay in the same room!
    Spacious rooms where dogs are happy, the terrace next to the lobby
    It can also be used as a dog run.

    【Notes on doggy】
    ・The fee for using the doggie's facility isContinue reading
  • 【1 Night/ 2 Meals Included:Cat plan]Stay with your cat!

    You can stay with Neko-chan (up to 2 animals in one room) in the same room!
    Neko-chan is also happy to enjoy the spacious rooms and spectacular views.
    Relax with your pet and take a hot spring trip.Enjoy it!

    【Precautions regarding cats】
    ・The fContinue reading
  • 【Dog run】Lobby lounge terrace

    The lobby lounge terrace, which can also be used as a dog run, offers a spectacular view.
    The outdoor terrace next to the lobby on the 3rd floor can overlook Mikawa Bay, Toyohashi and Atsumi Peninsula,
    You can enjoy the Shiosai and sunlight fromContinue reading
  • Rental service

    Pet lending service is available only to those who wish
    We rent cages, rolls, and toilet sheets S size for free.
  • Present

    The dog and the cat, offers a gift from Kaiyokaku
  • Manners and rules

    Accommodation's own pet-friendly promise,
    ・Only available for vaccinated doggy.
    ・In the front desk lobby on the 3rd floor of the corridor other than the room, please move with a hug or gauge.
    ・Please refrain from free-ranging cats and other smalContinue reading