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Pet plan

Pet plan list

  • 【1 Night/ 2 Meals Included:Doggy plan]Your dog is fine in a large room!

    With a dog (small dogs up to 5 kg / up to 3 per room)
    You can stay in the same room!
    Spacious rooms where dogs are happy, the terrace next to the lobby
    It can also be used as a dog run.

    【Notes on doggy】
    ・The fee for using the doggie's facility Continue reading
  • 【1 Night/ 2 Meals Included:Cat plan]Stay with your cat!

    You can stay in the same room with a cat (up to 3 in one room)!
    Neko-chan is also happy to enjoy the spacious rooms and spectacular views.
    Relax with your pet and take a hot spring trip.Enjoy it!

    【Precautions regarding cats】
    ・The facility usagContinue reading
  • 【Dog run】Lobby lounge terrace

    The lobby lounge terrace, which can also be used as a dog run, offers a spectacular view.
    The outdoor terrace next to the lobby on the 3rd floor can overlook Mikawa Bay, Toyohashi and Atsumi Peninsula,
    You can enjoy the Shiosai and sunlight fromContinue reading
  • Rental service

    Pet lending service is available only to those who wish
    We rent cages, rolls, wet wipes, and toilet sheets (regular size) for free.
    Please ask at the front desk if you have any requests.
  • Present

    The dog and the cat, offers a gift from Kaiyokaku
  • Manners and rules

    Accommodation's own pet-friendly promise,
    ・Only available for vaccinated doggy.
    ・In the front desk lobby on the 3rd floor of the corridor other than the room, please move with a hug or gauge.
    ・Please refrain from free-ranging cats and other smalContinue reading