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  • Spots to spend in the sea

  • Experience spot

    • Gamagori Orange Park

      Gamagori's special product "Gamagori Mandarin Orange" is used in the fields formed on the fan, which is a geographical feature peculiar to the region.
      The secret of its deliciousness is that the warm south wind from the coast is blowing all year round.
      Gamagori Orange Park, you can pick a mandarin orange from October to late December.
      Furthermore, the season for strawberry picking from January to May and the melon picking season from June to September,
      From early July to late August, you can enjoy grape picking and seasonal fruit picking any time of the year.
  • Hot spot now

  • Power spot

    • Koyasan Shingon Sect Mt Kobo Kongo-ji Temple

      Kobo Daishi (Oshi-sama) was the founder of the sect.
      Mt Koya Kongobuji Temple is a temple of the Koyasan Shingon Sect whose head temple is Koyasan Shingon Sect Kongobuji.
      Easy delivery,Child-rearing,Parenting,Insect seal,Extermination,Road safety,Achievement,Seventy-three poems.
    • Goshuin book

      Kaiyokaku sells red stamp books and votive tablets.
      ・Goshuin book:1,500 yen(Tax included)
      ・Ema:500 yen(Tax included)