All rooms have ocean views. A hotel surrounded by the majestic waters of Mikawa Bay

<A great value accommodation with all three features>
All rooms have ocean view spacious rooms with views of the spectacular views of Mikawa
Seasonal seafood kaiseki cuisine that changes with the season
Natural hot spring water for beautiful skin

<Pet-only rooms,Pet-only floor>
Accommodation where you can stay with your dog🐶,2 dog runs
Accommodation where you can stay with cats🐈

Mikawagyu ~Aoi~">
A restaurant where you can enjoy A5-ranked "Mikawa Beef", a brand of Japanese beef (Japanese Black) that represents Aichi Prefecture
Enjoy a day trip with a meal and bath set!

There are facilities available for staying overnight in camper vans, etc.
There are many additional options that can only be enjoyed Kaiyokaku Miya Onsen

<Bus transfers>
Pick-up available for groups only(22 seats)
Please use it for senior citizens' associations, neighborhood associations, recreational trips, training sessions, friend groups, training camps, etc.

<The closest Miya Onsen inn to Laguna Ten Bosch Bosch♨︎>
Theme park "Lagunasia" tickets on sale at discounted prices
<LAGUNA Fireworks>
You can see it from our terrace.
★Lagunasia Fireworks★8/11, 12, 13, 14, 15★
★LAGUNA Bay Court Fireworks★3 minutes from 20:00★
5/18, 6/15, 7/6, 9/28, 10/19, 11/16, 12/7, 1/18, 2/1, 3/1

<Miya Festival>
Scheduled to be held on Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th, 2024
Kaichu Togyo takes place on Sundays at around 10:45 in the sea in front of Kaiyokaku

Currently under repair.We will be closed until around July 2024.

Homepage reservation limited benefits

  • Click here for accommodation plan with special benefits only available for reservations made on our website!

    <"500 yen facility voucher giveaway"
    We will give one coupon to each person who stays for 10,000 yen or more.
    You can use it for shopping, table tennis, drinks at dinner, etc. in addition to the accommodation fee.

    <<Priority will be given to the east corner room, which is the only one on each floor.*It is not a guarantee.>>
    The east-facing corner rooms offer a spectacular view to the south that can only be seen from the regular rooms,
    From the east-facing window, Laguna Ten Bosch, the yacht harbor, etc.
    This is a very popular room with a spectacular view to the east.
    On LAGUNA Bay Court fireworks days, you can see the fireworks from your room!
    We will give priority to customers who make reservations through our website or by phone.
    *There are limited rooms available, so it is not guaranteed.

About our approach to the Novel Coronavirus Infection

  • 【Initiatives in public spaces】

    1. Addition of alcohol disinfectant
    Add disinfectant to the main floors and lobbies to create an environment that is easier for customers to use.
    I am trying.
    2. Strengthening regular disinfection
    door knob,door,Escalator railing,Button in the elevator,Restroom doors, etc.,
    We carry out alcohol disinfection of places that customers often touch.
    Regular use of rooms, dining venues, and large ultrasonic humidifiers.
    3. Wearing a mask when serving
    In consideration of your health and safety as well as public health, the customer service staff should tell you the mask.
    I am wearing it.
    4. Installation of a virus scattering prevention film at the front desk.
    5. At the dining venue, the seats are spaced apart from other customers.
  • 【Initiatives for employees】

    1. Wearing a mask when going to work
    Distributing masks to employees of the Group and requiring them to wear them when they leave and work.
    2. Physical condition check at work
    Thoroughly check the body temperature and disinfect the fingers.Also, if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more, or if you are not feeling well,
    We take care of ourselves and wait at home until two days have passed after the medical condition has recovered.
    3. Expansion of alcoholic disinfectant in backspace
    Alcohol disinfectant has been added to ensure that fingers are disinfected after entering the office or using the restroom.
    4. Improvement of management system for people with poor physical condition
    We comply with the behavioral standards for poor physical condition and the system for managing the health condition of employees.
    5. Voluntary refrain from going out and attending meetings
    Instructed employees to refrain from unnecessary and urgent business trips.

Hotel Facilities

  • Lobby lounge terrace

    The outdoor terrace next to the lobby on the 3rd floor can overlook Mikawa Bay, Toyohashi and Atsumi Peninsula,
    You can enjoy the Shiosai and sunlight from the large panorama.

    On the day of Lagunasia fireworks display, you can see the fireworks from here.

    You can also see the first sunrise of the year from here!

    Can also be used as a dog run
  • Tuk-tuk “Kaiyokaku”! We will pick you up from the station and LAGUNA!

    Currently under repair m(..)m
    We will be closed until around July 2024.

    Tuk-tuk “Kaiyokaku”!
    Mikawa Miya Station,Free shuttle to LAGUNA
    (Reservations required 10:30 to 15:00, last time 21:00)

    Pick-up and drop-off by Hiace bus is also available.

    <"Bus, 22 seats"
    Groups of 15 or more,Free pick-up within Gamagori city
  • Restaurant Mikawa Beef ~Aoi~

    An in-house restaurant where you can enjoy A5-ranked Mikawa Beef

    ・Lunch time 11:00 to 13:30 order stop
    ・Dinner time 17:00 to 20:00 Order stop

    【Regular holiday】
    Every Wednesday(Open on public holidays)

    The signature dish "Mikawa Beef Mabushi" costs 2,970 yen including bath fee!

    Guests without meal plan and day-trippers can also use this facility.
    There is a shop, a dog run (500 yen per dog), table tennis, a games corner, a kids corner, and more available for use!
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Google Map

Hotel Name



1-69 Minamiyama, Miya Town, Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture

Telephone number



Approximately 30 minutes from Otowa Gamagori IC Tomei Expressway
Go straight for about 10 km via Orange Road, turn left at the "Takeshima Iriguchi" intersection, go straight for about 3 km, go straight for about 300 m at the "Miya Onsen" intersection and turn left.

Shinkansen Toyohashi Station → JR Tokaido Main Line Mikawa Miya Station
Nearest station:About 5 minutes by car from Mikawa Miya Station(Pick-up service available)

JR Gamagori Station
Take the "Laguna Ten Bosch Free Shuttle Bus (departing at 0:30 every hour)" from Gamagori Station.
After getting off at Miya Onsen bus stop,About 5-minute walk

Free shuttle service
We will pick you up at JR Mikawa Miya Station or Laguna Ten Bosch.
*Reservation required.(Excluding 10:30 to 15:00, last time 21:00)

Bus (22 seats) transfer
Limited to groups, within Aichi Prefecture and western Shizuoka Prefecture

Free Parking(100 units)
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